Financial Assistantships Cell

One of the prime objectives of QAU Welfare Society is to support the talented students of university who find it difficult to continue their education due to financial constraints. Quaid-i-Azam university admits students from all parts of the country and a large number of students belong to low income families. This cell aims to financially support such students.

QAU Welfare Society awarded three hundred and forty three need based financial assistantships worth 59,66,249 rupees among the needy students of Quaid-i-Azam University.  The amount was directly deposited in university account titled “Fees and Dues Account”.

It is pertinent to mention that many philanthropists had initiated regular financial assistantships with different names; such as Tariq Javed Financial Assistantships, Helping Hands Quaidian Support Program, Professor Muhammad Aslam Financial Assistantships, Salman Sohail Financial Assistantships, Musharaf Zarif Financial Assistantships, Baba Jan Dr. M. Yousaf Shaheen Financial  Program to Promote Research on Sufism, Maulana Abdul Bari Nadvi Financial Assistantships, Majawar Hussain Shah Financial Assistantships and Nadir Foundation’s Financial Assistantship Program.

Given below are the details of financial assistantships awarded by QAU Welfare Society:

Professor Muhammad Aslam Financial Assistantship   (click for details)

Tariq Javed Financial Assistantships  (click for details)

Helping Hands Quaidians Support Program  (click for details)

Salman Sohail Financial Assistantships  (click for details)

Musharraf Zarif Financial Assistantships  (click for details)

Baba Jan Dr. Muhammad Yousaf Shaheen Shah Support Program  (click for details)

Dr. Mujjawar Hussain Shah Support Program  (click for details)

Maulana Abdul Bari Nadvi Financial Assistantships  (click for details)

Shahryar Award for Needy Students  (click for details)




The organizers of QWS not only devote their time in organizing the society’s activities but also contribute financially, depending on their respective financial positions. Obviously the need for funds is much higher than what can be collected from within the University. In this regard philanthropists are requested to contribute by giving donations or announcing financial assistantship. The donors can consider any of the following options:

  • Launch scholarships carrying the name of yourself, your loved ones or an organization,
  • Grant monthly, quarterly or annual donations,
  • Give one time lump-sum donation.

It is imperative to state that QWS works in a transparent manner and provides all financial details to the donors. Further the details are publicized on the web site of Quaid-i-Azam University.



Account Number: 02947900453203,

Bank: HBL (QAU, Branch, Islamabad)