Blood Donation Cell

The Blood Donation Cell of QAU Welfare Society has so far organized three blood donation camps at Quaid-i-Azam University.

First Blood Camp was organized in June 2012. In this campaign 43 bottles (380 ml each) of blood were collected.  The collected blood was used for Thalassemia patients.  This activity was carried out in collaboration with Medicos Aid Society and Thalassemia Center, Holy Family Hospital, Rawaplindi. Second camp was the joint venture of QWS and Quaidian Blood Donation Society. It was organized in October 2012. We are pleased to share with you that 60 bottles (380 ml each) of blood were collected. Most recently another blood donation camp was organized in April 2018. Forty five students donated blood in this camp. This camp was organized in collaboration with Fatmid Foundation.