Appeal for Donations

QAU Welfare Society (QWS) was formed by a group of teachers and students of Quaid-i-Azam University. It is a non-political forum. It is not being sponsored by any funding body. It generates its own resources through personal links and conducting fund raising activities like funfair at the campus. Quaid-i-Azam University is the top ranked university of Pakistan and attracts students from all areas. Many students come from poor and backward households and are in dire need of financial assistance in order to continue their studies. The spirit of assistantships provided by QWS is that no student shall have to discontinue his studies due to financial constraints and should be provided opportunity to focus of his studies without the worry of his financial position.
The QWS need funds to be able to achieve this objective. We would appreciate and welcome the donors / sponsors.

How you can help us:

1. Announce You Own Financial Assistantship: We would welcome if you announce regular financial assistantship / scholarship by your personal / company name. All donors / sponsors shall be given detailed financial statement.
2. Through Donations: Submit your donation in Bank Account of QAU Welfare Society.
For quarries / suggestions email at  or dial at 03008330678

The Bank Account:

Title: QAU Welfare Society,

A/C: 02947900453203,

HBL, QAU Branch Islamabad, Pakistan.