Bank Account

QAU Welfare Society gives financial assistance to a significant number of university students in every semester and also carries out welfare activities in natural disasters like flood and earthquake etc. The welfare generating activities requires time and contribution of money. It is important to mention here that members of the Advisory Board, teachers, employees and students not only devote their time in organizing the society’s activities but also contribute financially, depending on their respective financial positions. Obviously the need for funds is much higher than what can be collected from within the University only.
In this regard we appeal for more donations. The donors can consider any of the following options • Launch scholarships carrying the name of yourself, your loved ones or an organization • Monthly, quarterly or annual donations • One time lump-sum donation It is imperative to state that QWS works in a transparent manner. Its activities and financial statements are publicized on the web.
The Bank Account:
Account Number:  02947900453203
Bank: Habib Bank Ltd, Quaid-i-Azam University Branch, Islamabad, Pakistan