QAU Welfare Society (QWS) is a non-political forum. Its purpose is to work as volunteer for the welfare of community. It works on humanitarian grounds, therefore any deserving person can be the beneficiary of QAU welfare society. It is not being sponsored by any funding body. It generates funds at its own. The detail of funds is open to all members and donors. The working body of QAU Welfare Society has no political motives. It works under the patronage of Honorable Vice Chancellor of the University and is governed by an advisory board comprising of university teachers, employee and an alumni.


  • Financial Assistantships Cell:          QWS awarded one hundred and sixty seven need based financial assistantships worth 26,41,312 rupees among the needy students of Quaid-i-Azam University. Each financial assistantship covered full fee of a semester including tuition fee, transport charges, library charges, terminal fee, laboratory charge, student welfare fund, magazine fund and sports charges. The amount was directly deposited in university account titled “Fees and Dues Account”.
  • Emergency Disaster Cell:           The Emergency Disaster Cell of QWS launched three flood relief campaigns and one relief campaign for IDP’s of North Waziristan. First flood relief campaign was launched in September 2010. The volunteers  of QWS distributed food bags and clothing worth 18,12,763 rupees among 508 flood affected families of Charsada, Kot Adhu, Jampur, D.G. Khan and Lahiya. Second campaign was launched in September 2011 to help out the flood affected people of District Matiari. In this regard food bags worth 7,50,966 rupees were distributed among 410 families of Darya Khan Dahri, Budho Khan Dahri, Arzi Hukra, Raess M.Khan Khuso, Odero Lal and Abu Bakur Murojo. Third flood relief campaign was launched in September 2014. QWS distributed food bags and clothing worth 26,640,000 (approx.) among 940 flood affected families of Jhang, Athara-Hazare, Chinoit, Qadirabad, Kabeerwala and Muradabad. In its relief campaign for IDP’s of North Waziristan, QWS distributed quilts, shawls and slippers worth 440,000 (approx.) among 220 affected families.
  • Blood Donation Cell:                         The Blood Donation Cell of QAU Welfare Society has so far organized two blood donation camps at Quaid-i-Azam University. First Blood Camp was organized in June 2012. In this campaign 43 bottles (380 ml each) of blood were collected.  The collected blood was used for Thalassemia patients.  This activity was carried out in collaboration with Medicos Aid Society and Thalassemia Center, Holy Family Hospital, Rawaplindi. Second camp was the joint venture of QWS and Quaidian Blood Donation Society. It was organized in October 2012. We are pleased to share with you that 60 bottles (380 ml each) of blood were collected.
  • Community Welfare Cell:                         The Community Welfare Cell is now partially active. In June 29, 2016 Community Welfare Cell of QWS in collaboration with Saaya Association launched a funds raising campaign of arranging wheel chairs for disabled persons. In this regard QWS collected donations worth 200,000 rupees. This amount was used to purchase and distribute 20 wheel chairs and suits among disabled citizens of district Attock and Rawalpindi. A wheel chair distribution ceremony was arranged in Hotel Pak Continental (Markaz G-8) on June 29, 2016. About 150 persons including attendants of disabled persons attended the ceremony.