Community Welfare Cell

The objective of this unit is to work for the welfare of community. At present this unit is partially active. It will become fully active once the Society gains adequate financial strength. The Community Welfare Cell has carried out following activities: 

1.     EID PACKAGES 2017  In June 2017, QAU Welfare Society initiated a ‘ Eid-Relief Campaign’ for the poor households . In this regard Gift packages were distributed among 75 poor families and 40 persons were served with iftar and dinner. For details click the heading

2.   DISTRIBUTION OF BED SHEETS: In October 2017, QAU Welfare Society distributed 20 bed sheets in Mashal Model School, Bari Imam.  

3.     WHEEL CHAIRS DISTRIBUTION IN JUNE 2016:   QAU Welfare Society contributed 200,000 rupees in the wheel chair distribution campaign launched bt Saaya Association. This amount was used to purchase and distribute twenty wheel chairs and twenty suits among disabaled citizens of Abbotabad and Rawalpindi. For details of beneficiaries click the heading

4.   A DAY WITH SPECIAL CHILDREN: In July 2015, QAU Welfare Society arranged a full day activity at National Training Center For Special Person. Volunteers of QWS tried their best to make a special day for special children by ensuring their physical and mental participation. Multiple competitions and games were being prepared for each group. The confidence level of these talented children was amazing. QWS also distributed gifts and refreshments. Administration of this national training center was also very supportive.

6.  DISTRIBUTION OF BOOKS: In May 2015, the volunteers of QAU Welfare Society distributed books among the students of Mashal Model School, Bari Imam. Each student of matric was give a complete set of books.

7. TEACH THE TALENT: In April 2015, the volunteers of QAU Welfare Society launched a scheme of teach the talent. In this regard they took regular classes in Mashal Model School, Bari Imam.

8.  MEDICAL SUPPORT IN 2012:  This unit helped a needy student of QAU by giving her 18,900 rupees for the medical treatment in August 2012.